Christopher Watson started his custom wood designs in his garage over twenty years ago. Today, WUDesigns fine furniture has an elaborate group of designers from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento who support his fine craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service. His designs can be seen across California, New York, Maui and Seattle.

An opportunity to work in Maui challenged Christopher to create the interior of a high-end dream home that would feature only American Made products. This sparked Christopher’s passion to begin manufacturing only American made furniture and interiors.

Christopher Watson fine craftsmanship

Knowing that millwork facilities across the country are being abandoned and emptied due to the constant outsourcing of manufacturing furniture outside the United States, WUDesigns has begun plans to manufacture 100% American Made furnishings using these abandoned mills as well as hiring thousands of men and women wanting and needing to work. The furniture line produced by this movement will be beautiful and affordable and 100% American Made. The proceeds of this new line will benefit deserving American families in need of financial and structured help, giving them an opportunity to prosper in today’s society.

This is one of many projects that will be supported under “Christopher’s Dream – A foundation of change” organization that is currently being developed.