WUDesigns Brand Iconic Turtle

The Turtle Story as told by Christopher Watson

I have always loved the Sea Turtle, and never quite understood my fascination until my visit to the Polynesian Islands where I asked the locals there why someone could be so drawn to this large sea creature?

They explained, that the Giant Turtle soars through the universe with the world on its shoulders, in protection, guidance, prosperity, fertility, family, and evolution.

This explanation hit me deeply and I was suddenly overwhelmed with emotion and cried, as it became clear to me that this symbol of strength that I was so drawn to was indeed the icon that would brand my company that I was currently building with great hope despite the despair I was experiencing in my life.

At the time I was deeply involved in the care of my Mother, fighting to keep her alive while she battled severe Alzheimer’s as well as caring for her twin sister who was inflicted by mental disorders and their Mother (my Grandmother) who was 92 years of age.

sm TURTLEThe Turtle will be used as the brand, proudly labeled on every piece of furniture that WUDesigns will sell across the country. It will represent all of the traits described by my Polynesian friends, and epitomize my pursuit of “All American Made” my quest to provide affordable products for all levels of income, and my intent to create a foundation with all proceeds from our sales to benefit those deserving of second chances and the opportunity to prosper in this great country of ours.