Scootin’ America – More Than Just A Man, A Dog And A Harley

We’ve been blessed and humbled by the people we meet on this ride we call American Ruckus, but sometimes we come across an exceptional individual who has the ability to bring together communities, entire cities and in this case, the whole country.

When we met Adam Sandoval last September, it was clear that he defined the description of a real “Ruckus Maker”. His compassion and determination to make a difference in the lives of others was contagious, and all of us at American Ruckus quickly caught his bug.

Adams story was intriguing to say the least. He told us about his regret for never choosing to serve in the military, something he had always thought he would do, and how that decision affected him, eventually leaving him unfulfilled. We connected with his story, and we fell in love with Adam and his loyal companion, Scooter.

“Scootin’ America” was developed by Adam as a way for him to turn his passion for philanthropy and his love of adventure into something that would benefit others, particularly the families of fallen veterans. Adam literally sold all of his possessions, hopped on a Harley with Scooter and headed across the country, documenting his entire experience. America was intrigued, and supportive in helping Adam raise nearly $200,000 for American Legion Legacy Scholarship fund, traveling over 65 thousand miles, and breaking two world records!

We caught up with Adam in North Carolina, and found ourselves in an unexpected adventure! Greeted with warmth and friendship, our team made so many connections with some really amazing people. Adam made the trip exceptional by working his magic and providing me with a 2015 Road Glide Harley Davidson to ride on our 160-mile tour that started at Blue Ridge Harley Davidson and took our group of over 45 riders through the Blue Ridge Mountains, and ended with an amazing lunch in Little Switzerland. This was a real dream come true!

Riding through this glorious country of ours knowing that we were doing something special for the children of our fallen soldiers, makes us even more convinced that our project, American Ruckus, is needed to bring awareness to those who are making a difference, sacrificing themselves and their own needs in order to help others. For us, all of the hard work of bringing our American Ruckus team was worth every penny it cost to get our four-man crew from California to North Carolina to tell Adams story. But at the end of the day, it was the incredible people that we met along the way that not only embraced us, but our mission as well, and that has been truly invaluable.

Our episode for Scootin’ America is still in post-production, and we are working hard to bring all of our American Ruckus episodes to our fans who have supported us from day one! You can find a glimpse of our adventure with Adam and Scooter on our YouTube Channel.

Thanks again Adam, Scooter and everyone who came out to meet us in North Carolina. Our hearts are still there, and we hope to meet again one day soon!

Christopher Watson and the American Ruckus Team