American Made Resources

American Ruckus is dedicated to celebrating those businesses and organizations that support American Made products. Please refer to our Resource Directory, which is sorted by category, product, manufacturer and state and is listed alphabetically. If you are not sure of the correct category you can also find it by using the search box.

Supporting these businesses ensures the continued growth of jobs in America that will make our communities stronger and our country better. Please consider American Made products and help us support these businesses and manufacturers.

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Appliances Dishwasher Bosch MI
Appliances Hood Wolf WI
Appliances Range Wolf WI
Appliances Refrigerator Sub-Zero WI
Cabinets & Hardware Cabinet Doors Cal Door CA
Cabinets & Hardware Clear Satin Conversion Varnish Rudd Finishes OR
Cabinets & Hardware Hager Hardware Hager Co AL
Cabinets & Hardware Hardwood Taylor Lumber OH
Cabinets & Hardware Hinges Blum NC
Cabinets & Hardware Medicine Cabinet American Pride NC
Cabinets & Hardware Melamine American Laminates CA
Cabinets & Hardware Plywood Veneer Roseburg Forest OR
Cabinets & Hardware Rocky Mountain Hardware Rocky Mountain ID
Cabinets & Hardware Slides Blum NC
Doors/Trim Baseboards/Trim Sunset Moulding CA
Doors/Trim Front Door McFarland Door Manuf. CA
Doors/Trim Garage Door Carriage House Doors CA
Doors/Trim Garage Door Carriage House Doors NC
Doors/Trim Garage Door Track Hardware Arrow Tru-Line OH
Doors/Trim Interior Doors Doormerica CA
Drywall Corner metals Clinch On www.clinchon.html CA
Drywall Finishing compounds West Pac CA
Drywall Wallboard Pabco Gypsum CA
Electrical 2" Romex connectors Bridgeport CT
Electrical 4/0 SER straps Sturgeon Bay WI
Electrical Aluminum wire Southwire GA
Electrical Breakers Eaton/Cutler Hammer PA
Electrical Electrical panel Eaton/Cutler Hamme PA
Electrical Exhaust Fans Broan WI
Electrical Meter base Eaton/Cutler Hammer PA
Electrical Plastic elect. Straps Handy Straps WI
Electrical PVC glue Oatey OH
Electrical PVC pipe/fittings Ridgeline Pipe OR
Electrical Staples Gardner Bender WI
Electrical Staples Sturgeon Bay WI
Electrical Telephone wire 3M MN
Electrical Wire connectors/crimp sleeve Ideal IL
Electrical Wire staples Sturgeon Bay WI
Electrical Wire-service romex Southwire GA
Fencing 2"x4" non climb wire Keystone Steel & Wire Co. IL
Fencing Cement Nevada Cement Company http://www.nevadacement.html NV
Fencing Chain link post and bracing Builders Fence Company http://www.buildersfence.html CA
Fencing Panels Builders Fence Company http://www.buildersfence.html CA
Fencing Sand and Gravel A&A Stepping Stone http://www.aasteppingstone.html CA
Fencing Tee Post Burly Corp of N American http://www.burlycorp.html TX
Finish Carpentry Heavy Duty Wood Screws Timberlock MA
Finish Carpentry Nails Senco PA
Fire Sprinklers Fire Sprinklers TYCO PA
Fire Sprinklers Sprinkler pipe TYCO PA
Fire Sprinklers Sprinkler pipe hangers Cooper Industries IL
Fireplace Fireplace Kozy Heat MN
Fireplace Fireplace Lennox TN
Flooring 1/2" x 2" Flooring staples Bostitch RI
Flooring Engineered Wood FLooring Owens Hardwood NY
Flooring PL 400 Subfloor Adhesive Loctite OH
Flooring Solid Wood Flooring L&L Hardwoods IL
Foundation/Concrete 1/2" Foundation Nuts CAT IL
Foundation/Concrete Anchor Bolts Bay Standard Mfg CA
Foundation/Concrete Concrete Nevada Cement NV
Foundation/Concrete Concrete aggregate Handford Sand & Gravel CA
Foundation/Concrete Concrete aggregate CMC. Beglade MT
Foundation/Concrete Concrete Portland Hanford Sand & Gravel CA
Foundation/Concrete Concrete Portland Ash Grove MT
Foundation/Concrete Concrete sand Handford Sand & Gravel CA
Foundation/Concrete Damp proofing Mulseal/Tremco OH
Foundation/Concrete J bolts/foundation S.C. Prototypes MT
Foundation/Concrete J bolts/foundation/stock Pacific Steel UT
Foundation/Concrete Rebar Nucor WA
Foundation/Concrete Waterproofing adhesive WR Meadows CA
Foundation/Concrete Waterproofing-foundation TRM CA
Foundation/Concrete Waterproofing-retaining walls WR Meadows CA
Framing 2×12's Weyerhaeuser WA
Framing 2×4′s and 2×16′s Seneca Corp OR
Framing 2×4's and 2×6's Idaho Forest ID
Framing 2×4's and 2×6's RY Timber MT
Framing 2×4's and 2×6's F.H. Stoltze MT
Framing 2×4's and 2×6's Weyerhaeuser WA
Framing Gun nails Halsteel CA
Framing Gun nails Maze IL
Framing H clips Simpson Strong-Tie CA
Framing Hanger straps Simpson Strong-Tie CA
Framing MiraTEC fascia CMI Corp PA
Framing PL 400 sub floor adhesive Loctite CT
Framing Plywood Potlatch ID
Framing Plywood Swanson OR
Framing SF 450 sub floor adhesive OSI CT
Framing T braces/framing Appleton Supply WI
Framing TJI’s I-Level Truss Joist OR
Framing Treated plate McFarland Cascade WA
Heating/Air Air Cleaner Trane TX
Heating/Air Air Ducts & Connectors ATCO TX
Heating/Air Allthread Anchors ITW Buildex IL
Heating/Air Allthread Rod Chicago Hardware IL
Heating/Air Concentric Vent Source 1 OK
Heating/Air Condesate Trap Airtec MA
Heating/Air Conensate Pump Franklin Electric IN
Heating/Air Cooling Coil Bryant CT
Heating/Air Cooling Coil Trane TX
Heating/Air Dryer Box InOvate Tech FL
Heating/Air Duct Liner Johns Manville CO
Heating/Air Duct Liner Pins Hardcast TX
Heating/Air Duct Sealant Carlisle HVAC TX
Heating/Air Duct tape The Gorilla Glue Co OH
Heating/Air Ductstrap Colombia Man WA
Heating/Air Ductwork Norwesco WA
Heating/Air Evaporator Coil ADP CA
Heating/Air Exhaust Fans Broan WI
Heating/Air Exhaust Hoods Broan WI
Heating/Air Flex Duct ATCO TX
Heating/Air Flex Duct Straps Source 1 OK
Heating/Air Flexible Duct ATCO TX
Heating/Air Furnace Bryant CT
Heating/Air Furnace Trane TX
Heating/Air Furnace disconnect Eaton/Cutler Hammer PA
Heating/Air HRV Bryant CT
Heating/Air HRV Trane TX
Heating/Air Manual Dampers Norwesco WA
Heating/Air Pipe Brackets C&S Manufacturing WI
Heating/Air PVC Glue/Primer Oatey OH
Heating/Air Registers/Grilles Hart & Cooley MI
Heating/Air Registers/Grilles Shoemaker Mfg WA
Heating/Air Screws and Rivets Mutual Screw and Supply NJ
Heating/Air Sheet-Steel Steelscape WA
Heating/Air Thermostat Wire Honeywell MS
Heating/Air Thermostats ICM Controls NY
Heating/Air Unistrut Cooper B-Line IL
Heating/Air Zoning/Thermostats Trane TX
Insulation Foam board Dow IL
Insulation Insulation John's Manville CO
Insulation Spray insulation JM Corbond MT
Insulation Spray insulation JM Corbond TX
Lighting Lighting Barn Light Electric FL
Lighting Lighting Schoolhouse Electric NY
Lighting Lighting Rejuvenation OR
Lighting Lighting Schoolhouse Electric OR
Lighting Recessed cans Juno/Schneider Electric IL
Misc 16d sinkers Griptite WI
Misc 8d ring shank nails True Spec CA
Misc Boxes Allied OH
Misc Caulking White Lightning OH
Misc Dog Door Solo Pet Doors CA
Misc Mailbox Gibraltar Industries MS
Misc Nuts/Washers Perine Danforth WA
Misc Powder actuated pins TW Ramset/Redhead IL
Misc Recycled glass Livingston Landfill MT
Misc Screws PorPac CO
Misc Screws PorPac CT
Misc Screws Brynolf Manufacturing IL
Misc Wallpaper Seabrook Wallpaper TN
Misc Wire joint Thomas & Betts TN
Paint Blue Tape 3M OR
Paint Paint Sherwin Williams OH
Paint Paper Trimaco OR
Paint Spray paint Rustoleum IL
Paint Spray Paint ACE IL
Plumbing-Finish Basket strainer Dearborn Brass TX
Plumbing-Finish Freestanding tub Hydrosystems CA
Plumbing-Finish Kitchen disposer IN-Sink-Erator WI
Plumbing-Finish Kitchen Farmers Sink Kohler WI
Plumbing-Finish Kitchen Faucet Waterstone CA
Plumbing-Finish Lav faucet Water Decor CA
Plumbing-Finish Lav faucet Watermark NY
Plumbing-Finish Toilet seats Kohler AR
Plumbing-Finish Toilets Kohler AR
Plumbing-Rough 4? perforated pipe radon Northern Pipe Co ND
Plumbing-Rough 4? pvc fittings GPK ND
Plumbing-Rough ABS fittings Nibco IN
Plumbing-Rough ABS pipe Eagle CA
Plumbing-Rough ABS pipe Rocky Mountain CO
Plumbing-Rough Adhesive Weld On CA
Plumbing-Rough Angle stops Brasscraft MI
Plumbing-Rough Backflow preventor/PRV Watts ME
Plumbing-Rough Black Pipe RJB Wholesale Inc WA
Plumbing-Rough Black pipe fittings Anvil International NV
Plumbing-Rough Copper fittings Elkhart Products Corp IL
Plumbing-Rough Copper fittings Nibco IN
Plumbing-Rough Copper Pipe Cerro Flow Products Inc MO
Plumbing-Rough Copper Pipes Muller Industries TN
Plumbing-Rough Expansion Tank Amtrol RI
Plumbing-Rough Gestite pipe and fittings Gastite MA
Plumbing-Rough Hangers Sioux Chief MO
Plumbing-Rough Hose bibs Woodford CO
Plumbing-Rough Mapgas Worthington OH
Plumbing-Rough Pex Fittings Zurn TX
Plumbing-Rough PEX Pipe Viega KS
Plumbing-Rough PEX pipe/fittings Uponor Wirsbo MN
Plumbing-Rough Pipe Dope J.C. Whitlam OH
Plumbing-Rough Pipe insulators Sioux Chief MO
Plumbing-Rough Plumber Putty Hercules NJ
Plumbing-Rough Plumber Putty Oatey OH
Plumbing-Rough Plumber tape Smith/Cooper CA
Plumbing-Rough PVC Fittings Sioux Chief MO
Plumbing-Rough pvc glue Oatey OH
Plumbing-Rough PVC Pipe Crestline-Northwest KS
Plumbing-Rough PVC pipe and fittings Spears CA
Plumbing-Rough PVC Primer & Cement Oatey OH
Plumbing-Rough Sill Sealer Reflectix Inc. IN
Plumbing-Rough Solder Exeon Inc IL
Plumbing-Rough Solder Canfield Medals NJ
Plumbing-Rough Solder Flux Rectorseal TX
Plumbing-Rough Thread Dope Hercules NJ
Plumbing-Rough Valves Muller Industries TN
Plumbing-Rough Water Heater Bradford White PA
Plumbing-Rough Wax rings Hercules NJ
Roofing Cap Sheets for Valleys Malarkey Roofing CA
Roofing Concrete roof tiles Maze CA
Roofing Fasteners Maze IL
Roofing Felt paper Fontana CA
Roofing Gutters Noll WA
Roofing Inverters SolarWorld-usa OR
Roofing Monitor SolarWorld-usa OR
Roofing Panels SolarWorld-usa OR
Roofing Redwood batts Redwood Empire CA
Roofing Roof Jack Oatey OH
Roofing Valley metal Arts Sheet Metal CA
Stucco & Exterior Base & finish coat Omega Products CA
Stucco & Exterior Deck Railing Cable Connection NV
Stucco & Exterior Decking EverGrain MO
Stucco & Exterior Manufactured Stone Cultured Stone-Boral CA
Stucco & Exterior Membrane flashing Fortifiber NV
Stucco & Exterior Metal lath accessories Stockton Products CA
Stucco & Exterior Sand Butte Sand & Gravel CA
Stucco & Exterior Stucco wire Davis Wire CA
Stucco & Exterior Vapor barrier Jumbo Tex Fortifiber NV
Tiles & Counter Tops Kitchen Counter Cambria Quartz MN
Tiles & Counter Tops Leveling Compound Mapei FL
Tiles & Counter Tops Primer Tile Bostik WI
Tiles & Counter Tops Thin Set Tile Bostik WI
Tiles & Counter Tops Tile Crossville TN
Tiles & Counter Tops Tile Dal-Tile TX
Tiles & Counter Tops Tile Interceramic TX
Tiles & Counter Tops Tile Grout Bostik WI
Windows/Mirrors Mirror mastic Palmer KY
Windows/Mirrors Sill seal Reflectix IN
Windows/Mirrors Wall mirrors Contractors Wardrobe CA
Windows/Mirrors Window foam Touch n Seal MO
Windows/Mirrors Windows Anderson Windows MN
Windows/Mirrors Windows Amsco Windows UT
Wine Storage Wine racks NY
Wine Storage Wine racks Wine Racks America UT