American Made Homes: Maui Project


The Maui project became more than just an opportunity to work on an incredible dream home on the Kaanapali Shore, it was the beginning of a vision and a passionate drive to bring manufacturing and jobs back to America.

Christopher Watson worked for more than twenty years building his own company, WUDesigns with this same vision and when he was provided the opportunity of incorporating his chosen art of fine woodworking with his passion of contributing to the American Made movement, the American Ruckus journey began.

The Maui Project challenged Christopher and other highly artistic individuals to create an exceptionally well-crafted interior of a high-end dream home on the West Side of the Island using more than 80% of American Made materials.

The success of the Maui Project brought Christopher back to the Island several years later as a project manager and millwork fabricator for another beautiful home on the water’s edge in Maui. Recently, the American Made project moved closer to Christopher’s hometown, where he completed the interior millwork for an American Made home in Rocklin, California using 85% all American Made products.

The journey continues with our digital series, American Ruckus, which will dedicate itself to bringing awareness and support of American Made products, manufactured here in the U.S.A. which will bring manufacturing jobs back to America and growth to our communities.

The Maui project will continue to grow, as it has created excitement among the locals and gained support from the Maui Mayor to continue this positive change of building American Made on the island. We plan on filming our next project on the island in December of 2015.

The American Ruckus digital series will highlight and follow the progress we make in Maui, as well as throughout the United States. We dedicate these projects to rebuilding our country’s manufacturers and empowering the lives of Americans and their communities.

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