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The American Ruckus project was developed for Television, and we had a LOT of big networks that wanted to jump on the American Ruckus train. But we know better…

American Ruckus Launches Crowdfunding for Digital Series

October 22, 2015-Auburn, CA – American Ruckus, a new and inspiring digital series, which highlights American innovators, entrepreneurs and companies is gearing up for a series release in the spring of 2016. The program takes an up-close and personal look at individuals, who against all odds have fought to survive, never giving up on their right to be successful in America.

The ten episode series tells raw, honest and revealing stories of these individuals they refer to as “Ruckus Makers” who have strived to be successful while giving back to their communities as well as boosting the economy and helping to create jobs in America.

American Ruckus was developed by Christopher Watson, an entrepreneur whose own experiences and life changing events created a path to recognizing the power behind the struggle of so many Americans working hard to succeed as business owners, entrepreneurs and manufacturers. His company, WUDesigns was started in a two-car garage with an old table saw while caring for his Mother who was battling Alzheimer’s. Christopher’s daily routine involved bathing, dressing and feeding his mother, utilizing the evenings and weekends to build and install his custom designs. “The lessons I learned through this are immeasurable,“ says Watson. “The spiritual faith, to be strong every day, and know I was living the American Dream of entrepreneurial success, but at the same time I was living with the heartache of my Mother slowly passing. It was life changing.”

Watson created American Ruckus using that same passion and commitment he has embraced through his own life changing events, and believes that his program will create a “movement” that will include American Made manufacturers and those who are willing to “make some noise”, creating awareness for companies who are creating change in America.

Their signature motto “Real People, Real Moxie, Real Change” is apparent in their own decision to bypass the larger television networks and distribute the series through streaming digital platforms as well as crowdfund the project on Indiegogo. “We had a strong interest from a very established network to begin airing American Ruckus in the fall”, says Watson. “But we also know that providing American Ruckus on a digital platform like Netflix, Hulu or Apple TV will present a number of advantages, including ownership of our show so that we can make sure our stories are real, raw and true.”

Asked why he decided to crowdfund American Ruckus, “Launching our series this way will keep our supporters and backers involved, and crowdfunding seemed like the perfect way to get America involved!”