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The American Ruckus project was developed for Television, and we had a LOT of big networks that wanted to jump on the American Ruckus train. But we know better…

American Ruckus, a New Series

American Ruckus reveals the real heartbeat of America.

People who never give up on their dream. People who make a difference. People who create change.  

Christopher Watson, host of American Ruckus started his custom wood design company nearly twenty years ago in a two-car garage with an old table saw while caring for his Mother who was battling Alzheimer’s. Christopher’s daily routine involved bathing, dressing and feeding his mother, making sure that the once very savvy businesswomen remained dignified and proud. Christopher would then utilize the rest of his day to build and install his custom projects, working every weekend to fill all of the orders. During this time, he began to understand that he was not the only one enduring hardships while trying desperately to hold on to his business and realize his dream. “The lessons I learned through this are immeasurable,“ says Watson. “The spiritual faith, to be strong every day, and know I was living the American Dream of entrepreneurial success, but at the same time living with grounding heartache of my Mother slowly passing…It was life changing.”

Today, Christopher’s company, WUDesigns Fine Furniture is enjoying the success of shipping products to New York, Maui, Seattle and California. With his relentless behavior and “Ruckus Maker” attitude, Christopher now has an elaborate group of designers from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Maui and Sacramento who support his fine craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service.

American Ruckus was created using that same passion and commitment Christopher has embraced in everything he does, and continues to do, to help and educate those less fortunate. “I have a great deal of compassion for those needing and deserving of a second chance, a solid break to get excited about life again and providing for their loved ones, their communities and this great country of ours!”

Behind the Scenes of American Ruckus

American Ruckus will tell all of these stories and more, focusing on the real heartbeat of America, and will highlight the accomplishments and dreams of innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses and manufacturers.

Each episode will explore and reveal amazing stories of how these individuals conquered their own quest to realize their dream and how that success changed the lives of so many in their own communities. Some have endured unbelievable challenges and hard fought battles, while others have committed themselves to create change and make a difference, risking it all to bring hope to others. These stories of inspiration, faith and willingness to lose everything, is what American Ruckus is all about.

Real People. Real Moxie. Real Change.

American Ruckus Television Show Has Been Born – An unbelievable and exciting first two days of shooting the coolest new TV Series: American Ruckus.